The Let's Read Program...

The Let's Read Program is a unique program that combines reading with theatre. The youth of today are extremely advanced, and they have a variety of social media outlets vying for their attention. This forces reading into the background and other mindless activities forward. In order for reading to compete, it has to be transformed, updated and presented in a way that educates and entertains our youth simultaneously. We are up for the challenge.

We have written an interactive play based on our book Volonians. We will travel to schools all across the country. The play is carefully written to engage, entertain and educate our youth all while sparking their interest to read the book. This book will take our youth on a journey and shift their imagination into new worlds. In 1998, Harry Potter was introduced and reading levels sky-rocketed all over the nation. Kids were enthusiastic and excited about future books. As writers, we want our book to be the first of many in the Let's Read Program. We want to create a long lasting relationship with children, by consistently bridging theatre and reading for years to come.

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Let's Read
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