Volonian Family Book Club

Over the past few decades' families across the globe have found it increasingly difficult to come to together and spend time with each other. Modern day technology seems to be creating a wedge between most kids and their parents. We want to help bridge that gap. So we wanted to create the biggest Family Book Club in the world, and we are calling it Volonian Family Book Club.

There are only four Volonian Family Book Club rules:

1. You must select 2 to 6 family members to participate in your club.
2. Every member of your club must read and finish the Volonian book before discussion.
3. Each member must write out answers to a questionnaire provided by the Authors.
4. Every family must sit and debate questions and answers with club family.

The club isn't limited to traditional families only; we want to incorporate military families, church families, college families, work families, high school families and any other family that want to reconnect and spend more time interacting together.

It's our distinct goal to bring Families back to the table and protect the traditions created by our Moms and Dads. We want to restore the love of reading in our country's youth and families all across the nation.

If we do our part, Volonians will be the first of many books in the Volonian Family Book Club to help reconnect our families. Will you join us and become a part of the Volonian Family Book Club? You may purchase your Volonian book below.